Germany: The Halle International Airport in Leipzig

Germany, officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany, is the largest country in Central Europe, sharing borders with Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, France and Switzerland. It is the entity of 16 countries in which every state belongs to a unique culture. Berlin is the largest and capital city of Germany. Germany is considered the 2nd most migrated destination in the world after America. It is also certified that Germany is the most inhabited member state of Europe with 80.7 million populations. Germany has a great influence on world map culturally and economically as it has been developed itself in engineering and high-Tech product.


Leipzig Population

Leipzig is the 2nd largest city of Germany, located in the federal state of Saxony. With 521,000 population, the city is also the heart of Germany, s industry and culture. Leipzig offers thousands of picturesque and interesting places to visit and admire but for now, I would like to take you at Leipzig/Halle International airport, a worth visiting a place to visit and travel.


Leipzig International Airport

The Halle International airport of Germany is the one of biggest airport of the country, located in Schkeuditz Saxony state. It is serving both states, Leipzig Saxony and Halle Saxony alike. The airport has the capacity to handle 2 million passengers annually, making it the 14th largest and busiest airport of Germany. Most of the scheduled flights have made to the leisure destinations from/to the Europe. It is also capable to handle aircraft movement similar to Boeing 747 and a hub of DHL Aviation and cargo services in Germany. The airport is also used as NATO and EU military base.


British Airways

British Airways and France Airways had first started their flights from this airport during the trade fair of Leipzig on 18 March 1986. After the movement of DHL Aviation at this airport, a substantial increase was observed in cargo traffic of Leipzig airport in 2008. Huge modernization and renovations were made during the Olympics Games of 2012 but, unfortunately, Leipzig lost its bid to London.


Leipzig Airport Taxi

Leipzig airport has a very modern structure of its terminal that extends to the nearby motorway and runway. The terminal is also featured with car parking and check-in facilities and it is also connected with six Jet Bridges with several apron stands. The airport has two runways which are easily accessible from the south and north driveways of the terminal. Ground transportation at the airport is easily available in all the modes for passengers. For travelling through the city book for Leipzig airport transfers online.

Leipzig Halle airport is the true touchstone of city’s growth and development, providing high-tech and quality services to travelling industry in Germany.


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